4-Phase Growth Plan

NNCEA emphasizes the importance of capacity building for our Education system, as well empowering our staff to be involved with continuous learning. As part of our efforts to train and retain our own staff, we have implemented a variety of opportunities for our staff to take part in training.

The section below shows the 4-phases or opportunities that staff can take part in to become more effective in their role within our system. NNCEA currently has a relationship with the University of Winnipeg for our Bachelors of Education program. As of April 2024 we currently have 23 students enrolled in the Bachelors of Education program which is instructed virtually.

NNCEA is currently establishing a Educational Assistant Program through an accredited Post Secondary Institution which will commence September 2024. This program will run for 38 weeks and provide learners with their Educational Assistant Certificate.

Aside from these two Post Secondary opportunities  NNCEA also offers micro-training sessions in the evenings for our staff. These sessions consist of a variety of different topics such as: differentiated instruction, literacy tools, numeracy assessment, nutrition, self regulation, working with small groups, anxiety, and more. Furthermore, NNCEA will be implemented an internal Mature Student Diploma Program September 2024 for any staff wishing to acquire their High School Diploma. Staff who complete this program can then take part in our Educational Assistant program or Bachelors of Education.

NNCEA 4-Phase Capacity Building

Mature Student Program

NNCEA provides a Mature Student Program for staff who are seeking to acquire their Grade 12 Diploma. This program is the entry way to the Educational Assistant and Bachelors of Education Program.

Educational Assistant Workshops

NNCEA continues to offer evening workshops for Educational Assistants from April to June 2024 and September to June 2024. Staff will build capacity in a variety of different domains related to their field of work, which are transferable skills.

Educational Assistant Program

Interested staff can enroll in the 38 week Educational Assistant Certification Program. Staff will become certified Educational Assistants which is a recognized program. Staff will acquire a variety of new skills and strategies for their role in the school, but also build the skills needed to be successful in Post-Secondary Education.

Bachelors of Education

Currently we have 23 students enrolled in the NNCEA Bachelors of Education Program. We will complete another intake in 2025, with students who complete the Educational Assistant Program and other prospective students.