NNCEA Facilities

NNCEA has various facilities within the community and outside of Nisichawayasihk to support our programs.

OK School Aerial View

Otayitiskiwin Kiskinwahamakikamik

Our elementary school is home to our Nursery to Grade 6 students. This school is nearly 35 years old but has undergone several renovations to ensure that the facility meets the needs of our staff and students.

NNOC School Aerial View

Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate

Our high school is home to our grades 7-12 students and was constructed from 2019-2022 with the doors opening April 4, 2022. This school has many different amenities such as a full-sized canteen, foods and nutrition classroom, cosmetology, carpentry, and more!

Alice Moore Education Centre

Alice Moore Education Centre

The AMEC holds offices for the Director of Education, Assistant Director, Finance, Human Resources, ICT, and the Nehetho Language and Culture Unit. The NNCEA school board meets regularly on a monthly basis in the boardroom (Seating is available for visitors). This building is nearly 40 years old and has undergone structural and cosmetic renovations in the past. The Alice Moore Education Centre is home to some key employees in the NNCEA.

Teacherage Exterior


NNCEA has 42 houses ranging from one bedroom, two bedrooms, and three bedrooms. 37 of these houses are located at our elementary school site and 5 located at our high school site.

NCN School Bus

Bus Garage

Our bus garage has 6 bays which stores 6 of our buses and 1 company truck. Our bus team works out of this garage as well as our mechanics.

Maintenance Skid Steers

Maintenance Garage

Our maintenance garage holds the majority of our equipment which is used to maintain our schools.

Post-Secondary Office – Thompson

NNCEA has an office in Thompson where our Northern Post Secondary Counsellor works out of.

Post-Secondary Office – Winnipeg

NNCEA also has an office in Winnipeg where our Southern Post Secondary Counsellor works out of.