Message from the Director

Nic Campbell - Director of Education

NNCEA is a First Nations school system which provides a variety of learning opportunities to the community of Nisichawayasihk. Our team consists of several key stakeholders including teachers, educational assistants, custodians, drivers, administrators, and many others. Both of our schools have effective and passionate employees who continuously seek to improve our school system.

Ok School and NNOC both offer a variety of land based learning opportunities for our students as well as Nehetho language, to ensure  integration and sustainability of the Nehetho language and culture in our community. NNCEA staff implement extra curricular activities for our students daily, which we feel is an integral part to student success. Both of our schools also offer nutrition programs for our students to utilize on a daily basis.

Our school operations are dependent on the ability for all employees to work together and to contribute in different capacities. All roles within our school system whether a teacher, driver, or custodian play an integral part to our schools success.

NNCEA is seeking to enhance our students academia through a variety of different strategies such as having more classroom teachers, enhancing our resource program, and providing the needed resources, tools, and training for our staff. NNCEA is fortunate to have dedicated staff members who are continuously striving to improve our education system!

~ Nic Campbell

Director of Education



Footprint Lake

The NNCEA administration consists of various management roles which oversee different departments:

  • Director of Education: oversees the general administration of our school system as a whole
  • Principals: oversee the general administration of each school that they are responsible for, along with the Vice-Principals
  • ICT Administrator: oversees the administration of our Technology department for all NNCEA entities
  • Finance Comptroller: oversees the administration of finances for all NNCEA programs and entities
  • Maintenance Supervisor: oversees the maintenance of all NNCEA facilities
  • Transportation Supervisor: oversees the implementation over our transportation team
  • Director of Language and Culture: oversees the administration of all Language and Culture related activities for NNCEA
  • Special Education Coordinator: oversees the administration of all Special Education activities within our schools

Support Staff

  • Teachers – nursery to Grade 12 (50)
  • Post-secondary Counsellors (2)
  • Education Assistants (60)
  • Nehetho Language & Culture Unit (15}
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Administrative Assistants (4)
  • Home School Coordinator (1)
  • Custodians (8)
  • Guidance Counsellors (3)
  • ICT Workers (2)
  • Printshop Operators (2)
  • Bus Team (8)
  • School Nurse


NNCEA has 42 houses which are rented out by our teachers and other staff. NNCEA maintains these units and provides all needed appliances. In addition to these services NNCEA also offers free fibre optic internet or StarLink, and covers all utilities. Each house comes with furnishings such as couches, love seat, beds, washer/dryer, and all other appliances. Our rental prices are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom: $300 per month all inclusive
  • 2 bedroom: $350 per month all inclusive
  • 3 bedroom: $400 per month all inclusive